The Bubboli Mision: To play a small role in bridging the distance
    - emotionally and physically - between you and your special bubbies, whether you are around the corner, in a different
    state or a different country.  We search all the nooks and crannies to find the best gifts for your special bubbie so


"Kids already have the best job in the world, to play. It's full time work and the way they play shapes the way they grow. The toy box is the child's first tool box. Toys are meant to inspire kids to draw, build, explore, tell stories, play games, and ultimately save the day." - Benjamin Barlowe, Inventor and Science Digest, 1959.

Most of the gifts on our site at the moment are toys. We choose our these toys based on research and recommendations by our community. We value the relationship we build with our users and will never recommend something that we don’t absolutely believe in.

Playtime and toys are an important facilitator of practicing and master new mental, social, emotional, and physical skills. That is why we aim to help you find toys that open up a child’s imagination (possibilities) so they can explore who they are, learn how the world works, try new things, and build the confidence they need to carry them through life.

We are also aware that a gift is an expression of who you are as a gifter so we choose gifts that combine unique playtime experience for them but also cater to the wide range of interests, personalities and philosophies of our gifters. Think of it as a way of leaving little impressions on our little bubbies the way they left big impressions on us.

Our Toy Selection Criterion
  • We know you will never compromise on quality for your kids and neither will we. We select toys from reputable brands you can trust

  • Toys can be very personal items for kids and carry a great deal of sentimental value, so we want to make sure these toys can withstand the test of time so you can store it as keepsake of pass them onto their kids
Innovation and Creativity
  • We seek to engage children to the world of play by introducing products that are fresh, creative, and unique

  • There is no better way to inspire innovation and creativity than with toys that echo the same mantra

  • We especially love classic toys with a new modern twist
Play Value
  • Playtime is where serious developmental processes take place. We choose toys that ignite imagination, teach new skills, and develop the confidence they need to carry them through life

  • Look for toys that enrich the family bonding experience
  • What good is a toy if it’s not fun? We select toys that provide for fun playtime experiences but everlasting childhood experiences


These brands share our commitment of providing your children with the best quality products.














  1. How do you pronounce Bubboli?

    It’s pronounced just like the word “bubbly” because we know you get a little bubbly talking about the little bubbies.

  2. What are bubs and bubbies?

    An affectionate term for babies / kids. We’ve heard this term used in Australia and think the term is almost as adorable as the bubbies themselves!

  3. Who are you?

    We are godmothers and godfathers, aunties and uncles, friends and colleagues who can’t help but get a little bubbly inside when we think about the children in our lives. These little ones came into our lives, left cute little footprints on our hearts and made us love them with just one "koo". We’ve been known to search every nook and cranny in order to find the best gifts on the market to spoil them just a little.

  4. Why are there so few gifts on the site?

    That's an excellent question. Because we only endorse the best products on the market, we have to be very selective with what we show on the site. However, we are constantly reviewing more toys and are constantly adding and changing the list of recommended gifts.

  5. How long have you been around?

    Our company is still a baby, so please bear with us as we learn to crawl and take our first steps. We have a lot of great things planned for the months ahead and would love for you join us on our journey. Help us make Bubboli better or just drop us a note to say hi at

  6. How do you choose your gifts?

    Your bubs are important to you so we know you only want the best for them. That is why we have a very strict criteria for selecting the toys we recommend. We will never recommend something we don't stand behind 100%.

  7. How do you make recommendations for me?

    Gifting is an extension of your personal style and your relationship with the recipient. The gifts we recommend for you and your bubbie is a direct reflection of your individual preferences and the very special relationship you have with them.

  8. How is Bubboli different from a gift registry?

    Bubboli gift recommendations are completely initiated by the gifter. Gifters come to the site to receive recommendations for the kids in their lives. Bubboli helps the gifter choose a gift based on their specific preferences for each child so the gifts are a reflection of the gifter as well as the child.

    Additionally, the gifter can see the recent list of toys the bubbie received from other gifters and a list of recently purchased toys by the parents throughout the year so you can get an idea of what they are interested in and avoid duplicate gifts.

    Giving and receiving birthday gifts are fun and exciting and we’d like to keep that element of surprise for the child by not letting them dictate the gifts they receive.

  9. Why does the “Buy Me” link take me to a different site?

    Bubboli does not warehouse any of the gifts we recommend. We pride ourselves in finding fun and unique gifts that meet our strict criteria. We believe this gives us uninhibited freedom to choose only the best gifts eliminating any bias towards promoting what we already have in inventory.

  10. Why should I use Bubboli?

    Life is demanding and we know whether you're an aunt, uncle, cousin, friend or just a big kid at heart, sometimes you just don't have the time or don't know where to start looking for the perfect gift. That is where we come in. We do all the research and only present our favorite products on our site. Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier and this is just the beginning. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time with the ones that matter most.