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Fashion Headbands

Create 10 awesome accessories with this ultimate Fashion Headbands set from Creativity for Kids. Includes a rainbow array of satin headbands, rhinestones, flowers, feathers, a butterfly, yards of ribbon and more. Great for play days and small group activities.

This is a great way for your little girl to express her fashion individuality and creativity. They can design and create the headband to match their favorite outfit or make matching ones for their best friend.

A lot of girls will also make you one for getting them this fun present. When they do, they will be so proud that they made you a gift and you will be proud to don that headpiece you will forget how embarrassing it might be to an onlooker.

Price: $14.26

Product Statistics

For Ages:
  • 5 - 6 years
  • Arts & Crafts

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