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What can you learn from a rabbit that is exactly four inches tall - and his perfectly precise pals? If you are a child, plenty! Inchimals are incredibly effective math blocks that teach measurement, number concept, addition, subtraction, and pre-algebra! Ideal for many ages of children.

Beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed, Inchimals are 12 wooden animal blocks measuring 1" (the tiny ladybug) to 12" (the towering giraffe). With exact inch segments, written numerals, representative dots, and cute animals too - this learning toy is a sure winner.

Recognized by early childhood educators and parents of children with special needs, Inchimals is a multi-purpose toy that encourages creativity, interaction, logic and mathematics mastery.

- 2011 Teachers’ Choice Award Winner - Learning® Magazine
- 2011 Creative Child - Kids' Product of the Year Award
- 2010 NAPPA Honors Award

On the surface, Inchimals are simple blocks of varying height with cute animal and number graphics. But these are great tools that can help your bubbie deepen their understanding of math.

Initially, your bubbie will go around measuring everything in the house, which gives them perspective on size, measurements and introduces new vocabulary to quantify these measurements.

It also comes with a dry erase book with problems they can work on with you and then by themselves to slowly build their confidence with simple arithmetic so they feel more comfortable tackling harder problems later.

We love the quality of the blocks. They are sturdier and heavier than you would expect.

Price: $31.99

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For Ages:
  • 2 - 4 years
  • Educational
  • Building Toys
  • Award Winners

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