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MagnaTiles Clear Colors

Magna-Tiles make learning fun by getting the children involved using a “hands-on” technique, allowing them to become critical thinkers through creative play.

These unique tiles attract on all sides and combinations to create cubes, pyramids, unlimited geometric shapes, leading from two-dimensional to advanced 3-D thinking patterns. Engaging children in in-depth investigations using Magna-Tiles helps to draw meaning and understanding from the experience.

Magna-Tiles provide creative stimulus and right-side brain training through simple and fun construction while teaching math and spatial relationships through creative building. They are a valuable manipulative for spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking and math reasoning.

Magna Tiles are colorful, sized just right and easy-to-use learning manipulatives. These tactile and inviting shapes stimulate young minds and provide hours of creative play. Children of all ages love Magna-Tiles!

- Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products
- Two Parent's Choice Gold Awards and One Silver Award
- Early Childhood News Director's Choice award in 1998
- Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year in 1998

There is no end to a child's imagination. Couple that with Magna Tiles and your bubbie will build so many different structures and creations that it will blow your mind.

The pieces comes in many different shapes and color. Each piece adheres to another in all directions so your bubbie can build without fear of their creation tumbling down.

This can be played alone or in a group setting, however, the larger the group the more pieces you will need. When played in a group setting, you will notice that bubbies will generally work together to figure out how to build a sustainable, large masterpiece.

We love that Magna Tiles fosters so many different skillsets:
- Pattern Recognition
- Shapes and Colors
- Symmetry3-Dimensional Thinking
- Building Skills
- Fine Motor Skills
- Magnetic Principals
- Sorting and Stacking

Parents will also be happy that there are no small pieces so no choking hazard. However, some pieces do have pointy edges.

While the pieces are big, they are flat so storing is actually quite simple.

Price: $120.00

Product Statistics

For Ages:
  • 2 - 4 years
  • 5 - 6 years
  • 7 - 8 years
  • Educational
  • Building Toys
  • Group Play
  • Award Winners

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