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Monsters University Fearbook

Go beyond the screen with the Monsters University Fearbook. Learn all about the fraternities and clubs on campus; find out who is most likely to become a Scarer and who is the class clown; get recaps of the year's highlights; see the monsters' class photos; and more. This 80-page full-color yearbook, which also includes ads, memory pages, and signature pages, is perfect for anyone who wishes THEY could attend MU.

Monster University is all the craze now and this Monsters University Fearbook is the ultimate souvenir for the movie. It has so much detail about the characters that you will not find in the movie. It is an absolute great extension to the movie!

This is so cute you will sneak a peek when you bubbie goes to bed. We loved it so much, we kept one for ourselves.

Price: $11.69

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