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Plasma Car

One of the world’s best-selling children’s ride-on-toys, the PlasmaCar’s unique and award-winning design requires no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car; you simply turn the steering wheel, and away you go! The PlasmaCar harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force and friction.

Quiet, inexpensive, and providing limitless playability, the PlasmaCar is truly a unique toy that can reach exhilarating, but kid-friendly, speeds of up to 10 km/hour (6 mph). . . It’s pure energy, and pure fun!

- Parents’ Choice Awards 2012
- The Best and Hottest Products from Pregnancy to Preschool Seal by Metro Moms 2009
- Green Parents List Check Mar 2007
- The National Parenting Centre, Seal of Approval
- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Gold Seal Award
- and many more.

This is such a cool ride for kids. They have such a blast zipping through tight spaces with the wind caressing their face...well, maybe not the wind part...

This toy is great for active play during the winter months as well as great for flat outdoor surfaces.

This toy is bound to keep your child entertained for hours on end.

This car has been winning awards since 2001.

Only thing is, this may not work well in tight spaces, ie. NYC apartments.

Price: $49.99

Product Statistics

For Ages:
  • 2 - 4 years
  • Active & Outdoors
  • Cool Rides
  • Award Winners

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